An Object of Beauty

An Object of Beauty - You know those slow paced indie movies that are still really good? Well this is one of those slow paced indie movies where you can't wait for it to end. Okay, so it's not a movie but it feels like that and is the best way I could find to describe this book. The only saving grace (2 stars vs 1 star) is the subject being Art dealing, and as an artist it was something that peaked my interest. This was my first Steve Martin book and I was almost prepared for his style of writing, knowing it wouldn't be my cup of tea. Why? Isn't Martin a comedian? Yes, he is BUT have you watched the movie Shop Girl? It's a slow paced boring indie film based on one of his books. I knew what I was getting into but I still dove head first hoping I would be wrong. I love Steve Martin as a comedian but dislike his writing, a second chance on another of his books would probably be a mistake since I also disliked the movie "Shop Girl".