First Love

First Love: A Gothic Tale - Joyce Carol Oates, Barry Moser I would give this book 3.5 stars. With that said....I fell in love with Delia, the mother, right away. Her views on life and the human mind were thought provoking and contained an ethereal beauty to it. I could only dream of ever expelling such a thought process as hers. This then brings me to the main character of little Josie. Oates always gives her characters such life, she can delve into the human psyche and bring about some of the most intriguing characters I've ever read. Josie is another excellently told character, giving you visions through an intelligent and inquisitive 11 years old mind. It made me remember the magic the world held at such an age (and the uncertain troubles of growing up). I've read so many books depicting young characters such as her, but hardly any of them grasp the feeling Oates magically creates for us. She seems to get it right every time, no matter who she writes about/for. This short book is dark and disturbing and is a perfect example of the Authors ability to create realistic characters. Although this is not one of my favorites it was still quite enjoyable. More of a short story but one that gives you chills and forces you to think about the many sides to a person. It creates the realization that one can never know someone else without seeing every side of them (and who actually shows every side of themselves?)