Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn This book was like being shoved into a loop d'loop coaster, never knowing what comes next. For me, it wasn't very predictable (which was great) but then again, I'm not usually a huge reader of crime/mystery novels. I love reading a good mystery, don't get me wrong, but I think the genre tends to pump out series after series and it gets a little mundane. THIS book, was anything BUT mundane. After reading the first few chapters, I wanted to throw the book and yell at everyone who ever gave this a semi-decent review. Thankfully, I stuck with it (thanks to all my goodreads friends whose taste I trust), the book really came through for me when I realized that those HORRIBLE characters are meant to be that way... it actually makes the story more intriguing and believable. I needed a book like this, it came at a perfect time and I thank Flynn for being able to deliver a book with such twists and surprises. I look forward to being in the mood for a good twisty mystery and knowing that Flynn has a few that are sure to please.