Phoenix - Chuck Palahniuk Dysfunction, delusion and deprecation are three words that could be used to describe this short story by Palahniuk. Short stories have always been hard for me to swallow due to the lack of depth and attachment you get from a full length story. However, if you know anything about Palahniuk, he has the ability to use few words but give you something worthwhile out of it. This particular story revolves around a dysfunctional couple who have a child. Palahniuk writes this from the third person and flashes back and forth between two events. Strange enough this works very well and is something we don't really see from Palahniuk (3rd person). Think this sounds too "normal", you haven't read enough Palahniuk. Trust me, you'll encounter all the messy, eye twitchy goodness found in his other works. You'll also find some really good quotes within, so read on... the 99 cents is worth it!