A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories - Charles Dickens, Grace Moore Oh, Dickens... you've done it again. Pulling at my heartstrings during this special time of year, Christmas. I'm so glad I decided to read this during the Holiday. You see, I'm always left with a bad feeling during Christmas because it makes me so neurotic. Cleaning, shopping, making food, parties, no time to do everything... CHAOS! I detest the feeling of "GO GO GO" and "BUY EVERYTHING". I wish we could live in the times when Christmas was all about giving to those in need and gathering round a table full of Christmas goodies and cheer.Reading this has relaxed my anxiety during this Holiday season and I think this might become a tradition... Amber, you must read A Christmas Carol every year before you start going crazy from all the expectations. The characters are as wonderful as any others Dickens writes and the comedy is tenfold when it comes to Scrooge (as I viewed him before to what he is in the book). I think everyone should read "A Christmas Carol" before the Holiday and try and take the meaning to heart!As for Dickens other stories in the book... my favorite was the "Christmas Tree". This story was unlike anything I would have expected out of Dickens and could very well be one of my favorite short stories of all time. It starts out describing a Christmas tree that we can all relate to and then meanders through life through the telling of tales that relate to the tree. Each story is philosophical and rich with description, enough to catch you off guard for a few paragraphs until you get into the flow again. This story was amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone.