Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens, Radhika Jones Why was I never informed of the wit and brilliant comedic prose of Charles Dickens? I LOVED the writing style! Dickens spins his tale full of old fashioned comedic wit that reminds you of immature teenagers giggling about the opposite sex. The names of all the characters alone give you a glimpse into the silly nature of Dickens. I'm a very goofy person at heart and this connected me to the past in a geeky way I didn't expect. The novel almost seems to transcend the era it was written, if you took away some of the slang you might be guessing as to the date.I also loved the storytelling of someone searching for that "great expectation" and the hiccups and changes to personality you may encounter along the way. The lighthearted way Dickens delves into the psyche of a persons want of becoming "something" is so clever. He shows you that nobody is perfect, but that IS okay! I wish more modern fiction took this lighthearted approach to some very sobering topics. We all need a little more goofiness in our lives.