Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears - Tanith Lee, Michael Cadnum, Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Yolen, Ellen Datlow, John Brunner, Kathe Koja, Gene Wolfe, Susan Palwick, Nancy Kress, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy A. Collins, Garry Douglas Kilworth, Terri Windling, Gahan Wilson, Susan Wade, Ellen Steiber, Roberta Lannes, Mil Most of the stories were poorly written, one was ghastly. The stories themselves are amusing and thankfully short. I picked this edition because it includes a story from Joyce Carol Oates but I'm thinking maybe I should have tried one of the first two editions. This was nothing that will be remembered and if anything, most of the Authors in this collection I will be avoiding in the future. I think the best writing were from the known Authors I love, Joyce Carol Oates and Neil Gaiman. I like to read short stories to find other Authors that I can break into, this was not the case here. Very disappointed.