The Search for WondLa

The Search for WondLa - Tony DiTerlizzi The Search for Wondla was a trip down memory lane because it was reminiscent of movies such as "Dark Crystal", "Neverending Story" and "Labyrinth" that are packed with magical charm. Reading the bio on the Author, Tony DiTerlizzi, I found out his inspiration includes Jim Henson which explains so much. All the characters emerged in my memory as intricate puppets, the likes you've no doubt seen in all those movies mentioned above. The Author definitely has the nack to tickle the imagination, part of the reason why I liked the book so much was the images flowing through my mind. Not many books can spark my imagination like that anymore at my age. While the book was not expertly written, the descriptions the Author used to help with that visualization was enough to give this book five stars. I also have to comment on the topic and theme of the book being a cross between futuristic sci-fi and whimsical fantasy. The combination was perfect, at least for me, and went so well with the Henson-esque style that was performing in my head as I read. As much as I enjoyed the book, I find myself needing a break before continuing with the sequel. The book is undeniably for children, which I am not, and I didn't want to get too burned out on the magic I felt while reading it. I will continue with the series in the future and can only hope that if a movie is made from this series that it won't be CG, I would implore the Author to use those magical Henson puppets that filled my childhood with glee.