Lolita (Penguin Modern Classics)

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine The thing is this... I'm not going to write a big review on this book for the simple fact that people who don't LOVE this book get bashed silly. I admire the written prose but the density of the book was terribly annoying to me, enough for me to only have LIKED it. However, I didn't read this, I listened to it as an audio-book which may have changed the experience for me. What I will do, is give my opinion of the reactions from some reviews I read. After reading other comments from people on various readers who only liked or hated the book, I was quite taken aback that people feel this book qualifies as an intelligence test on reading. Statements such as, "If you disliked this book, try again in a few years" and "You should disown your friend for hating this book". I agree that a book that gives you feeling (good or bad) is what art is all about but isn't that a double edge sword? Isn't art also subjective? How can a book be considered amazing, or even a classic, if it isn't subjective and controversial? I'll leave it at that.