Generation A

Generation A - Douglas Coupland What a fantastic read this was. Funny, this book reminded me of Chuck Pahalniuk's "Haunted" because it had the same format (stories within the story). Comparing the two... Coupland far surpassed that of Pahalniuk. I probably feel a connection to the book because it brought up many ideas and thoughts about reading itself, it really had me thinking. The main plot line was pretty strong for a book with this format and I think the reason I gave it such a high rating was because it worked so well. The rating probably wouldn't have been so high had I not read "Haunted" before this. Since I have been accustomed to this style it didn't set me back like it has for some other reviewers. I highly recommend this to any Coupland fan or anyone who loves to read. The book focuses greatly on reading, creativity and the connection it has to our brain (although not in a very realistic, scientific way). If you live to read then I think you would enjoy this.