The Lonely Polygamist

The Lonely Polygamist - This book isn't bad. So why did I decide to put it down uncompleted? It's not great either; the writing is actually very good, the characters are solid, the storyline somewhat interesting. The difference between this book and other "3 star" books I have read and rated is that it's TWICE AS LONG!!! I'm halfway through the book (300 pages of the 600 total) and nothing really "wow" has happened to keep me engaged to read another 300 pages. Please if you're reading this and happen to LOVE the book like most people seem to, let me know if I should bother continuing because if the second half is anything like the first without any surprise or jump in plot, then no thank you... I'll get back to my alluring 'to read' list that can't seem to leave my mind with each page turn of this book. I really hate leaving book uncompleted but I just couldn't bring myself to spend another day or two reading an "okay" 300 more pages!