Asta in the Wings

Asta in the Wings - Jan Elizabeth Watson I really liked this book. I would recommend it to almost anyone. Right from the start you can tell the family is very different. The writing is descriptive yet holds the innocence and youthful thoughts of the narrator, which I particularly loved. You can tell this girl is intelligent and holds quite the active imagination for a seven year old. The mother comes off as egotistical and a bit cold but you can tell she holds love for her children. As the story goes on, we get bits and pieces of the bigger picture. The delusional world Asta is living in starts to emerge. I like how it's not spelled out to you, that there is a mystery to this and the author is making you work a little to fit all the pieces together. One line I really liked, "There is something particularly magical about listening to music from a car radio while looking out a window at a vast, open sky." I love experiencing the world through Asta's new eyes. It makes me remember all the little things we overlook and take for granted. I feel as if the story is speaking to people who feel they are different and saying, "It's okay, there are others who feel the same and there is a place for you in this conventional society of drones." What society considers normal is tested by the beauty and intrigue of characters that exude unusual actions and traits. Even Asta herself wondered about fitting in with the world, "for a minute - just a minute - I wondered if my specialness had been compromised."