The Outer Dark

Outer Dark - Cormac McCarthy I enjoyed the book but it didn't "WOW" me. It didn't throw me into the world or give me any emotional turmoil over the characters. Overall it is nicely written but nothing special. The mystery wasn't very suspenseful. I felt disconnected from the characters. When an emotional event occurred, I didn't feel the appropriate pang of sadness or the ping of joy. The writing is done well and the descriptions are done beautifully but the story is lacking a connectivity that brings you close to the characters of the book. The dark themes and characters ARE disturbing, shocking and chilling but because I felt disjointed from the main characters and the world, it didn't have as profound an effect that it should have had. McCarthy had a great idea, great writing and style but didn't execute the plot or the characters very well. If this is your first McCarthy book, be warned.