Life in Jail - Not Fun

Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison - Piper Kerman

Piper Kerman tells her story of unfortunate circumstances and her time in prison. Her story will make you shake your fist at the legal system and demand reform. It was quite the eye opener for certain things... for example, you probably know that in prison before someone is released they go to classes to properly "learn" to re-enter society. What you probably don't know is that the classes are mostly a joke and most are taught by inmates themselves. That is just one of many issues Piper raises that makes you want to protest the injustice and lack of quality programs most jails have.


The story isn't just a factual account of life in jail, Piper also delves into the reality of her situation and comes to grip with the fact that he crime was a catalyst for others (drug running provides drugs to the unfortunately addicted, which in turn brings trouble to these people ultimately landing them in jail.) Piper started feeling slightly responsible for some of her jail mates and this created a learning experience unlike any other. Piper Kerman is a special woman and only someone like her could turn a bad experience into something that will make a difference (be it someone's personal life or changes within the legal system itself).


I listened to this as an audio book and although the narrator has done many audio books that I've loved, this was an unfortunate fit. She didn't fit for Piper Kerman, bottom line. When Piper told some of her stories, there was a hint of humor which didn't come across at all. I picked up on it and because I did, this annoyed me. However, the book was extremely interesting and I'm excited to see what Jenji Kohan (creator of Weeds) does with the story.


*For all my Connecticut local friends... this story takes place in the Danbury prison - another reason this book interested me*