Bring it on ZOMBIES!

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks

This book was construed to be something different for anyone who saw the movie. SO DIFFERENT. I saw this funny chart from The Oatmeal showing the similarities between the book and the movie, they nailed it.

So yes, the book and the movie had NOTHING to do with each other. Some people read this book with a misunderstanding for what it was. This wasn't a plot driven, action novel... oh no! This was small blurbs all over the world, of how they're coping after this horrific event. If you read this book with that in mind, you should actually enjoy the extremely thorough details Brooks has compiled. Every single detail or thing you could ever ask... is answered. Brooks has a gift, maybe not for storytelling, but he sure is the go-to guru for the zombie apocalypse.