Max Barry - Society Fortune Teller?

Lexicon - Max Barry

Action packed, techy, and mind trippy... everything I love in a Max Barry book.

What would happen if you had the ability to control people with words? Wait, what?!? This happens??!? How creepy! Well, Barry takes it to the next degree by showing us the possibility of mind control and how our future is heading full speed towards JUST that. 

Everything about this topic scares the shit out of me even though I'm always one of the first to want to try a new techy product. Why is society getting so comfortable with revealing every bit of data about themselves? Barry shows us that all it takes is a few pieces of information to categorize someone then "compromise" them. I even loved the survey right before the acknowledgements, send a small shiver down my spine. How simple yet utterly terrifying to think that we log on everyday and share things we would've hidden from our parents growing up. The craziest part? We're probably friends with our parents on social sites (ex. Facebook). Somebody wants to find you? No problem! We're willingly giving it out, and yet we still ignore the warnings of where this information can be used against us in the future. 

I hope that Barry is dead wrong and this is all just sci-fi fun.... BUT how many times have Authors been right about the future? The list of authors who have predicted some similar future is long: Orwell, Huxley, Arthur C. Clarke, H.G. Wells, Verne and SO many more. It makes you think, who're the next Authors to get it right? Is Max Barry one of these, I think so... and this is why I'll never take a new idea for granted. It all happened before and will happen again.